How can bulk SMS service help improve your business?

Live Tech Services is a bulk SMS service providing company that provides the best bulk SMS services in Noida. We provide the best services without compromising the quality or the consistency in producing results. We are a successful Bulk SMS marketing company and help improve the marketing campaigns of various businesses and companies in all over India.

According to statistics, an SMS is opened within five minutes of its delivery. And Bulk SMS Services a great choice for new product launch information, limited offers, seasonal discounts, appointment reminders and coupon promotions.

You’ve reached the right place on earth to find the best bulk SMS service provider in Delhi NCR. When we say best, there is absolutely no compromise on quality, price, and consistency in producing results. According to Juniper Research, 97% of SMS text messages are read by the cell phone owner and 90% of those SMS text messages are read in the first 4-6 minutes of delivery!

How can you get benefit from bulk SMS SERVICES?

   1.  Rapidity

Bulk SMS service provider in Delhi NCR can be sent quickly and are read quickly. They have the element of rapidity.

   2.  Right on Target

Bulk SMS marketing does not keep you wondering whether your message reached the target audience or not. Also, bulk SMS marketing is driven by ‘permission’ i.e. the people who receive your message are open to getting such information or might themselves have asked for such updates.

   3.  Customer Convenience

By using bulk SMS service you can be convinced customer easily. E-commerce companies are a good example of this.

   4.  High Returns, Low Cost

SMS solutions offer high ROI with low cost. Bulk SMS marketing campaigns can be put into action in no time with a small cost, allowing you to reach thousands of people quickly and effectively.

    5.  No Filter

Great thing is that there are no spam boxes involved in bulk SMS marketing!

What we offer

·        Promotional BULK SMS Services
·        Transactional BULK SMS Services
·        Voice Alert
·        Missed call Alert
·        Short Code and Long Code Solution

Advantages of Bulk SMS Services

  • ·        Easy way to approach
  • ·        Cost Effective
  • ·        Instant delivery
  • ·        High conversion rate
  • ·        Can reach millions of people
  • ·        Send unlimited SMS with one click.
  • ·        You are able to send advertisements together with the SMS.
  • ·        Integration with the website is included in the price of the software.
  • ·        Easy to navigate and user-friendly.
  • ·        Easy to operate and use.
  • ·        Cheaper, Faster & Instant Results
  • ·        Increase Your Sales & Generate Repeat Sales.
  • ·        Highest level of security and confidentiality of client database.
  • ·        Speed and Flexibility.
  • ·        Low Cost and High ROI.

For more information on Bulk SMS, kindly refer this URL - Best Bulk SMS Services Provider Company in Delhi or mail to or call on 0120-4363729.

What should I learn to become a best digital marketer & earn more?

If you want to learn digital marketing, you have to practice it. You cannot read a book about digital marketing and call yourself an expert. Certification is not necessarily a Practical Knowledge. Digital Marketing is a fast growing sector & the only successful way to stay ahead to learn and practice constantly. If you are working as a digital marketer in a company, staying updated with the latest changes day by day in digital marketing will happen naturally.

According to Live Tech Services, Digital Marketing Company in Noida explain you need to first develop a solid understanding of the core concepts. I list a number of them below.

·       Analytics and Segmentation:

Analytics plays the important role in marketing. It tells me about marketing strategies and campaigns. Through which help you can set goal & marketing funnel of your campaign track views, visits and much more. These are the examples of Mobile Analytics, Google Analytics, Social Media & Website Analytics etc.

·       Attribution:

Attribution is also an analytics methodology that seeks to show marketers how to allocate budgets across all of the potential marketing tactics. The goal of attribution is to understand which marketing activities contribute to business performance and in what proportion.

·       Content Marketing:

Digital Marketing totally depends on quality content. Content should be unique & original. Really, if you want to get results so don't copy write.

·       Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):

CRO Marketer plays a hacker role in the organization. They analyze pricing optimization, personalization, and targeting. This is related to "Growth Hacking".

·       Display Advertising :

This has traditionally meant purchasing banner ads on publisher's sites. PPC company in Noida, live tech services provide advanced PPC training in which you can learn all type of campaign, bidding, conversion & ROI and also create reporting. Display Advertising is expensive so mostly big organization run this campaign. In this campaign include text ads, image, flash, audio & video ads.

·       Email:

Emailing offers to customers and prospects.  This is still a hugely important tactic for marketers. There are a lot of platforms you could use & learn email marketing. Types of Email format Newsletter, Announced, Welcome & Thank You email. Including designing parts plain text email, HTML email.

·       Marketing Automation:

An umbrella term for technology that coordinates messages across time and channels.

·       SMS Messaging:

Delivering relevant offers through in-app push notifications or SMS messages.

·       Retargeting:

Suppose your targeted customer didn't take interest in your campaign one time. So you can run Retargeting campaign again. I can say that subset of Display Advertising.

·       SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

Purchasing search engine keywords (e.g. Google AdWords) to present an offer to searchers.

·       SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the visibility of the site. Where you can get the organic result on SERP Through which help generate traffic & lead also.

·       Social Marketing:

Managing content on social networks to engage with existing and desired customers. Connect with social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google plus.


According to Live Tech Services, Digital Marketing Company in Delhi NCR write above article & create a report how much a digital marketer will get paid approximately. If you become a Head of Marketer in the organization and have knowledge & experience of both marketing platform online & offline. So you can earn according to the survey of marketing 35, 00,000 - 40, 00,000 p.a. Average yearly pay. If you are capable of working in all marketing scenario so you can do the home job also.

How to connect a Database with PHP Websites

You know that important thing of making any website for a business or organization comprises data, including text, images, media and numerical values. Using a database to store this data is an efficient approach for many sites. One of my friends ping me a text & ask connectivity to the database with websites. Website designing company in Delhi NCR, Live Tech Services replied him if you follow these steps so you could easily learn database connectivity. You will require a MySQL database and a web development environment using MySQL, Apache and PHP and a simple text editor.

According to me, establishing a MySQL connection using PHP on a web page, connecting to a MySQL table and retrieving the results and displaying them back on the web page.

You need to use some PHP MySQL commands:

  • ·        mysqli_connect
  • ·        mysqli_query
  • ·        mysqli_fetch_array
  • ·        mysqli_close


  • ·        make the connection and select the database
  • ·        Perform the query on the table
  • ·        print out the data
  • ·        close the connection

1.  Connecting to a MySQL database

You need your MySQL server address, username, password, and database name. Create a filenamehere.php file and open and close the PHP code with tags before the HTML, you can put regular HTML after it. If you open the file in a browser and you should see nothing apart from the title tag if you see the error the username/password or database name may be wrong. The variable $db is created and assigned as the connection string, you will be used in future steps. If there is a failure then an error message will be displayed on the page. If it is successful you will see PHP connect to MySQL.

2.  Performing a database query

Actually, the MySQL query performed in the body of the HTML page so additional php opening and closing tags will be required. For the query, we are going to specify a read of all fields from a given table. The $query variable selects all rows in the table. You just need to use your table name.
If you do receive the error again ‘Error querying database’ check the table name is correct.

3.  Put the data on the page

Now we are taking the making a $result variable which stores the query we just made above, now we just need to go through all the rows of that query which we need mysqli_fetch_array which stores the rows in an array, so now we are storing the $result in mysqli_fetch_array and passing that into a variable called $row.

The $row now can be output in a while loop, here the rows of data will be echoed and displayed on the page to when there is no longer any rows of data left, my example uses 4 fields in the table first_name, last_name, email, and city.

4.  Closing off the connection

Closing the connection will require another set of the opening and closing PHP tags after the closing HTML tag. It is good practice to close the database connection when the querying is done.

Database connections should always be closed off. You do not need to keep the connection variable $db after the initial connection but is considered best practice.

Conclusion: Web Development Company in Noida describe database connectivity with PHP websites. They define above four points which will help you learn database connectivity.

How to Test Your Website in Google Page Speed Insights

A Website’s performance must be tested on a regular basis for speed, loading time, performance and other important web page analytic parameters. Use of analytic tools is a mandatory requirement for a healthy website maintenance.

Web Development Company in Delhi, Live Tech Services describe Google PageSpeed tool. According to LTS, it is a basic tool which helps one scale the webpage’s performance in terms of loading times for the above-the-fold (ATF) content and the web content.

When you check your website, this tool analyzes & provide a full report on your website. At the end, you might know How to improve loading faster your website in mobile & desktop. If you cannot do yourself then you can suggest your developer.

6 ways to make your website pages load faster

1.     Optimize images

        The PageSpeed Insights Tool suggested that we optimize our images to load faster by reducing their file size. To solve this problem, we did two significant things:

·        Reduce image size using tools. Make sure the size matches your usage and set the size for each page with the height and width. If your hosting company uses GZIP compression and deflation these can make a significant difference and speed up your site.

·        Reduced the size of the images, not image quality. You should never have larger images than what you want them to render at, nor reduce their size using CSS or HTML tags.

2.     Minify CSS & JavaScript

The minifying process reduces the sizes of your files by eliminating unnecessary white spaces, characters, and comments from your CSS and JavaScript files.

3.     Leverage browser caching

Browser caching are capable of caching the static version of websites, such as images, CSS, and JavaScript files. The CDN stores copies of your website’s content on its servers, and when someone lands on your site, the static content is loaded from the server closest to them.

4.     Enable compression

Implementing the enable compression suggestion can be done simply in your server's settings. If you are not very technical, you can ask your technical support team to enable GZIP compression for your server.

5.     Optimize the mobile experience

The mobile experience is all about showing a responsive mobile version for all different types of resolutions, using correct fonts, and having a good navigation system. You can test how your website looks in different mobile versions using Google Chrome & many other tools.


Using Google tools is easy and free. It is an official Google tool which lets the user check a website and provides a score between 0 to 100 and a short report suggesting changes in the website and optimize it better.

Website Development Company in Noida, Live Tech Services told about better website quality is more important for user interaction & SEO perspective. This optimization helps speed up the browser experience of the website and achieve a higher score. The suggestions are available after testing the website for speed and compatibility.

How to design SEO Friendly Website for better ranking

Creating a professional looking website design will not ensure that your site receives a high amount of traffic, or increase your viewers. If you want to increase the traffic on your website that, you will need to search engine optimization. With the help of SEO technique, you could increase website visibility and rank on search engines.

SEO Company in Noida, Live Tech Services told about latest updated SEO friendly website technique, through which you can drive more traffic, clicks & sales to your business. If you want people to find your website in search engine, then you need to use SEO on your website.

In this post, I have a look at how SEO should be an integral part of your website design (or redesign) process. We look at what you need to consider to have a site that is built for search marketing and lead generation. Website SEO is fundamental to succeeding online for the majority of businesses.

As a marketing tool, your website should be built upon a solid digital marketing strategy with a clear business model. If that’s unclear, then you need to revisit that first. There are a few core elements that set the stage for SEO friendly website design process.

   1.  Keyword Research

When designing a search engine friendly site, keyword research is the most important factor of site optimization. If you are searching keywords, you should use keyword planner, word tracker tool etc. through which help you can research keywords. Generally, peoples search medium competition & high search volume but if you want to get fast keyword ranking so you need to prefer low competition & high search volume keywords. But carefully it can be harmful to your site to search more low competition keywords.

   2.  Place keywords strategically

Researching for the keyword is a complex chore, but what holds more complexity is correct placement of researched keywords.
·        Place keywords in the URL.
·        Place keywords in the Meta Title, Description.
·        You need to care about keyword density & stuffing when you put keywords in content optimization.

   3.  Include Meta and title tags

For making SEO friendly website design you need to write Meta title, description & keywords in particular page. But you should care about a limit of character, words & relevancy. Don't neglect to include a Meta keyword tag to reveal the most important keywords for each page to search engine spiders.

   4.  H1 Tag

H1 Tag plays the vital role in for making an SEO friendly website. Mostly you should write the important keyword in H1 who you want to focus relate to your business on the home page.

   5.  Use images sparingly

Apart from the logo or any other specific symbol, the text of the website should be kept away from images. The size and the placement of the image also need to be watched.

   6.  Check Your Domains

Your business may use as the primary domain. But you may have others. Another URL is But for SEO friendly site all subdomains 301 redirect back to the main URL  We have few domain variations that 301 redirect back to the main URL.

    7.  Hosting

Your hosting is also important. A slow site makes for unhappy users. Your hosting should follow common-sense rules. Be situated where your audience is situated. Be fast. Be platform-specific, if necessary. WP Engine is a great example, as it provides a platform tailored to WordPress websites.


SEO Company in Delhi NCR, Live Tech Services discuss above strategies for making a SEO friendly website. Through which help you can get easily ranking in search engine. By SEO & paid search you can easily get traffic, clicks & lead generation.

See Video Here:

What are the skills required to front-end developers?

As a front-end developer, I’m constantly trying to learn new skills and technologies and adding to what I already know. Front-end web development is the practice of producing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can see and interact with them directly.

Web Development Company in Delhi, Live Tech Services discuss skills & knowledge of front-end development with expert IT professional. Here’s a list containing a wide variety of skills and technologies that I think all front-end developers should be working on learning, at least to some extent.

Apart from HTML, CSS, and JS, a Front-End Developer is required to have following skills:

1.  Knowledge of frameworks and libraries

·        Jquery
·        Angular/React
·        SASS/LESS
·        Bootstrap
·        Libraries like EaselJS/FabricJS (to work on images and canvas),
·        Node/Express (to some extent)

2.  Knowledge of developer tools to increase productivity

·        Gulp/Grunt
·        Git
·        Npm

3.  Testing

·        Mocha/Chai/Jasmine

4.  Knowledge of HTTP

·        Status Codes
·        Handshake
·        Request and Response

5.     Knowledge of REST API’s and AJAX

6.  Platform Compatibility

·        Browser Compatibility
·        OS Compatibility (Browsers are OS dependent)
7.     jQuery

8.     UX / Usability

9.     Website Speed / Performance
10.  Responsive Web Design
11.  Mobile Web Development
12.  Microdata / Microformats
13.  SEO

   To apply you will ideally have the following:

·        You'll be the problem rather than solution led and favor consistency over proliferation.
·        A passion for and deep knowledge of the web and frontend technologies

Front End Developer Job Research: What does it take?

I gathered my insights in three parts:

  • ·        Job descriptions themselves
  • ·        What coding boot camps are teaching
  • ·        And from a leader in the web development space who addresses this topic specifically

Website designing company in Noida, live tech services above define skills of front-end development where you could learn & implement in your website. If you are a job seeker then definitely this article will be helpful to you.

How can bulk SMS service help improve your business?

Live Tech Services is a bulk SMS service providing company that provides the best bulk SMS services in Noida . We provide the best servic...